Bari Southern Coast

For years southern Italy’s costal areas were, and, to some extent, still are devastated by the assault of intensive, at times illegal, housing. This is the case of the southern Bari littoral where a number of small illegal buildings, abandoned by their owners several gears ago, are still present. Nevertheless, these buildings are currently used by immigrants, possibly illegal, who employ them as precarious lodgings. For this reason, in this series I made in 2007 I wanted to create a dialectic in the images between the external landscape, that is in the light of the sun and is, for this reason, known to the public at large, and the interiors of those buildings, hidden and unknown, with their improvised furniture and beds. An illegal and neglected landscape, becomes a fragile and vulnerable landscape as well; a landscape “rejected” and removed from the city, precisely like the people that furtively inhabit it.